Commercial air conditioning Sales & Installation

With our years of experience, Allen Air & Refrigeration sell and install only the top brands that will continue to add value to our reputation. When you shop with us you can be confident that you will not only purchase in a reputable product, but you will also receive a quality installation lasting many years.

Commercial air conditioning Sales

Allen Air & Refrigeration are specialists in commercial unit changeovers. So if you have an outdated packaged or split ducted type of air conditioner, we are your “one stop shop” for an air con upgrade.

With the phasing out of R22 refrigerant, many existing air conditioners are becoming uneconomical to repair. With R22 costing around $255/kg compared to the new R410 at $55/kg, even a simple gas leak repair is very expensive. Most packaged air cons use around 5 kgs of gas. That’s over $1250 in refrigerant gas alone!

When to change your commercial air conditioner?

This is a great question to ask whenever an expensive repair has been quoted. Each situation is different. However, my rule of thumb is that if a unit is more than 10 years old, and quoted repair costs are around 10% of actual replacement cost, it is worth considering a new air conditioner upgrade.

Otherwise simply, if it is missing fins and is rusted like this photo, it’s time to replace it!


New Air Conditioners come with up to 5 years Warranty!

Many new air conditioning manufacturers issue 5 years warranty on new a/c’s, which for a landlord can be a great opportunity to have trouble free air-conditioning for several years without the stress of costly breakdowns that aren’t always budgeted for.


Temperzone Air conditioners

Our preferred large commercial brand for all ducted and split ducted air conditioners is Temperzone. These units are specifically designed for Australian conditions. The outdoor can be installed as far away as 50 metres from the indoor unit and the compressor range includes high efficiency scrolls and digital scroll models. The main benefit of a digital scroll compressor is that it gives a step-less variable output, lower operating costs and noise levels. Available in both split ducted and also the horizontal and vertical packaged models, these units are the ideal product selection for shopping centres and the like. A roof top packaged unit has the benefit of allowing maintenance and repair on the air conditioner without the disruption to your store. When selecting your unit type this is something that is often overlooked due to the cheaper cost of a split ducted model, however we recommend our clients consider the inconvenience and loss of trading that can occur during servicing if the wrong choice is made at the time of purchase. Allen Air & Refrigeration are proud to say that we are not just here for the quick and easy sale. We are informative and offer only the best advice that you can appreciate. Yes, occasionally we lose a sale to a contractor who pushed the cheapest option, but we are proud of what we stand for. At the end of the day though, we respect the decision is yours and rather than lose a job through quoting on quality v’s a solution that isn’t ideal, all we ask is a shot at pricing any alternative options that are presented to you. After all, WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS.

Panasonic and Daikin Air conditioning

An alternative to our large commercial air conditioning selection is the ever-trusted Panasonic and Daikin range of split ducted air conditioners. These units also come in a large variety of sizes and configurations including VRF, VRV, 2 pipe and 3 pipe systems. More commonly found in professional centres and businesses where ceiling access is good, these models are often affordable alternatives due to the massive economy of scale and overseas production. The nature of the range of product line up makes them very flexible and hence are so popular. There isn’t many applications where one can’t be installed and that is why Allen Air prefer the Panasonic and Daikin brands over all others.



Design and construct;

Whatever your project, Allen Air can design, supply install and commission your next HVAC project. From schools and the BER (Building the Education Revolution) where we were awarded multiple installations, to temperature-controlled Computer rooms, commercial buildings and pretty much any application, Allen Air and Refrigeration can manage your needs from beginning to end.


Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Allen Air and Refrigeration are happy to contract our services for the right project. When eastern states company, Fusion HVAC needed a local contractor to support their Mechanical contract with the Masters Hardware stores here in Perth, we successfully delivered to all stores. The projects included the installation of up to 6 x 170KW Custom built Temperzone units on specialized supply and return air plenums to the warehouse, along with Carpark ventilation, smoke exhaust systems and several small split ducted, cassette and wall split arrangements. Specialty stores included Temperzone packaged AC’s and exposed spiral ductwork as well as standard rectangular ductwork, flexible duct and powder-coated aluminium diffusion.

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