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Air Conditioning Services

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Allen Air & Refrigeration can service your commercial Air-Conditioner, maintaining it in optimum running condition, so its there when you need it most!

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We recommend regular maintenance programs, as they are the only way to reduce sick buildings & nuisance breakdowns that can occur at the worst possible time!

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Warranty Agents

Allen Air and Refrigeration are the preferred agents in Perth for Temperzone air conditioning service and warranty repairs. Contact us for more info.

Commercial Air Conditioning In Perth

Allen Air can make your commercial office air conditioning comfortable for everyone! To arrange an Air conditioning service, call Allen Air and Refrigeration today!


When commercial air conditioning in Perth experiences a break down, it is bad news for your business. Customers will walk away without spending. Computer rooms overheat and systems shut down, losing sales and productivity.


It simply shouldn’t happen. Our experienced air conditioning service team can actually save you money. Here’s why.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services We Offer

We make a commitment to you, that our focus is to service, maintain and install commercial air conditioners as our priority. We love the intricate nature of commercial units. The mission of creating an even, comfortable temperature throughout your business is a challenge we happily accept, and that goes for small and large businesses too.


But best of all, by only servicing commercial customers, we get to you sooner. Our commercial commitment means that we can respond to your service call quicker. Whilst our opposition will turn up late in their dirty flouro’s after climbing through domestic roof spaces. They say that “you get what you pay for”. Why wouldn’t you choose Allen Air and Refrigeration? Call now!

Scheduled Maintenance

Allen Air & Refrigeration offers scheduled air conditioning service and maintenance in monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annual programs. This reduces the likelihood of an untimely and more expensive breakdown, or worse, sick building syndrome, loss of productivity and even lost sales with people walking out.



Case Study #1.


When a slow refrigerant leak developed on a customer’s server room air conditioner, they had no idea it was causing the compressor to run at dangerously high temperature conditions. When it finally tripped out and the server room over heated, they lost production until we could get there and carry out extensive repairs.


Result: This new client now appreciates that if they had a maintenance program in place for this air conditioner, they could have saved thousands of dollars in lost productivity, not to mention repair costs that would have been cheaper if acted on earlier.  They have now commenced a quarterly maintenance programme with Allen Air and are enjoying the benefits of our priority response times.

Cheap Contractors v’s Quality Tradesmen.

Our reputation often finds us attending site, when the client has finally lost all confidence in their so called “Cheap” contractor, who just didn’t have the experience to diagnose the air conditioner. The truth is, that these “cheap’ contractors charge many more hours to do the same job, which actually costs you much more than just servicing costs. How did the breakdown affect loss of sales or productivity?


Case Study #2.


Our Leinster client finally gave up on their local air-con company, who had been given multiple chances to fix their system on a mine site which had cost them thousands of dollars in repair visits alone.


We were employed for what was thought to be a four-day job, but after diagnosing three stages with bad TX valve superheats and a 4th stage that was short on gas, we had it working perfectly in just one day! Even with 2 days of travel costs, this client received value for money as our services offer a more cost-effective solution than the “cheaper guy”.


Result: Do it right the first time by using the quality service techs for commercial air conditioning at Allen Air and Refrigeration.

Excellent Commercial Air Conditioning in Perth

We’ll make sure your office enjoys the ideal office temperature all year round:

We believe that excellent air conditioning, should be easily accessible, every day. If you agree with us, call now and get started with a proactive approach at maintaining your valued air conditioning assets.

What Our Customers Say!

Ashleigh Meek

Fantastic service from Trent and his apprentice. They had to fix up the mistakes of another company and did a awesome job at it. They were really friendly and informative even when i was asking a million questions. They are a great asset to your business, keep up the good work guys!

Stender Dental Studio

Allen Air has given us excellent customer service and would use their services in the future. A great company to deal with.

Brands We Work With!

Who hasn’t heard of the Daikin Brand? This is the tried and tested brand that we have for so many years read as the prefered and specified product in government jobs.​

The Panasonic range of domestic and commercial air conditioners are at the forefront of mass produced air conditioners across the world and recently Canstar Blue awarded Panasonic with a 5 star “Most satisfied customer” award for 2014, 2016 and now 2017.

When it comes to choosing an air conditioner for your commercial property, or even a large home, we recommend and sell Temperzone air conditioners. Built in Australia and New Zealand, these units are specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Contact Us For All Your Commercial Air-Conditioning Needs!

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