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Our Back 2 business deal has been “Cut to the bone” to make it very affordable for your business, so you can focus on getting back on track! There are 2 parts to the offer;


1. Heavily discounted coil cleans

2. Frigbot offer 


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Commercial Refrigeration Services

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Allen Air & Refrigeration can help service your businesses Commercial Refrigeration. Ensuring you have no down-time when it is needed most!

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We have an amazing new maintenance program never offered in the industry before. Find out how our remote monitoring equipment & just a little bit of maintenance can actually save you a lot of money!

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Sales & Installation

What ever your project needs, be it a Cool room, Freezer room, Beer systems, Superchiller, or Display cabinet, Allen air can quote, sell, deliver and install your equipment needs. Call Now.

Allen Air and Refrigeration

Most commercial refrigeration is “out of sight and out of mind”. However, when it fails, it very quickly becomes the biggest headache you have had in years. You know the story. For weeks you have been ignoring those unusual noises that never used to happen. Now you feel terrible, because not only did the condenser fan motor eventually seize, but the tradesman has told you that due to that failure, the compressor has also burnt out making the repair 10 times more expensive!


That’s why scheduled services and maintenances are a must for operating a profitable business.. With Allen Air and Refrigeration, you’re guaranteed the best service, maintenance and installation on commercial refrigeration in Perth, bar none!

Commercial Refrigeration in Perth

Treat your cold room or refrigeration system like a VIP – a very important (silent) partner. It works hard, running 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. If it takes a break, there goes your stock, future trade and possibly a chunk of your reputation.


Whether you have a cool room, freezer, under-bench cabinet, ice machine, super chiller, or anything that is refrigerated, it pays to carry out refrigeration maintenance or as this client found out, disaster can strike.

Scenario #1.

We were called in after a restaurant chose to ignore a small section of ice on the back of their cool room evaporator. The ice grew and grew and then caused the cool room temperature to run too high. But before anyone cared to log a service call, the ice grew so thick that it stalled and burnt out the fan motor. Excess water run off had also been dripping onto the prepared food on the shelving below. In this case a lack of proactive maintenance increased repair costs, but also damaged food stocks and caused a loss of production.

Have you considered regular Refrigeration Maintenance?

Ask us about out new Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance agreements.

The Best Commercial Refrigeration Mechanics in Perth!

Finding a good Commercial Refrigeration mechanic in Perth is getting harder and harder. However, at Allen Air and Refrigeration we are very fussy about who we employ, and as a result only have highly skilled Refrigeration service technicians.


So when looking for a good “Fridgy” you can be confident you will receive efficient and accurate service when our team are on site. All of our staff are long term employees and we have low attrition rates, showing we love our Fridge tech’s as much as they love their job.

Scheduled Maintenance is a Must!

Commercial refrigeration in Perth works under high demand. Without maintenance, one thing after another will begin to fail. It’s a domino effect – ignore one small issue and soon enough, more problems arise.


Let’s face it. No one likes wasting money on maintenance. When it’s out of sight and out of mind, it’s easy to ignore the most expensive equipment in your business. Unfortunately though, this mindset could leave you exposed to the following expensive issues if left unmonitored.


These issues can include:

Scenario #2.

One client ignored a squeaky bearing on their condenser fan motor which was housed in the ceiling space above. When the motor overheated, a fire started and destroyed the entire unit. The food court of the shopping centre was evacuated and the store lost two days of trade.


From as little as $165 covering three months of servicing, or even a $190 motor replacement, this trauma could have been saved. But instead, they risked destroying their lively hood – as well as the nearby shops in the food court! We make maintenance (and ongoing service) affordable! When clients commence an ongoing refrigeration maintenance agreement, we also offer terms of credit of up to 30 days for approved customers. So at last you can manage your maintenance program and your cash flow!


Another benefit as an approved Allen Air account holder is our 4-hour service guarantee for refrigeration breakdowns. If we don’t make it in four hours from the time of your call, we deduct the service fee!

Our Solution

With one Allen Air monitoring device we can potentially save you thousands of dollars – from anywhere in the world.

The Allen Air Offer

Commence a 2 year Fixed price maintenance agreement with us and receive the following benefits – never before offered in our industry

Businesses rely on Commercial Refrigeration, and they can also rely on Allen Air and Refrigeration.

If you are serious about running a professional business, shouldn’t you be using a professional Commercial Refrigeration Service provider like Allen Air and Refrigeration?


Give us a call today for a super-fast response to your commercial refrigeration needs.

What Our Customers Say!

Ashleigh Meek

Fantastic service from Trent and his apprentice. They had to fix up the mistakes of another company and did a awesome job at it. They were really friendly and informative even when i was asking a million questions. They are a great asset to your business, keep up the good work guys!

Stender Dental Studio

Allen Air has given us excellent customer service and would use their services in the future. A great company to deal with.

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