Commercial Refrigeration Sales and Installation

What ever your project needs, be it a Cool room, Freezer room, Beer systems, Superchiller, Display cabinet or “whatever” Allen air can quote, sell, deliver and install your equipment needs.

Cool room Fabrication

Our panels are made from colourbond sandwich panel of either EPS or the highest quality PIR insulation. Our construction quality will provide you with a cool room or freezer room that will stand the test of time.

Never underestimate the value in the high quality of the cool room or freezer room build. Yes, there are some packaged “do it yourself” type rooms available, but it pays to consider how much use the room will receive and whether it will stand the test. Our experiences show that the cheap and nasty packaged rooms found on some selling platforms, are the ones we see most with seized handles, broken hinges and dodgy heaters. More often than not these clients never knew how debilitating it would be for a business when they can’t use their cool room door.

Refrigeration Equipment Plant

There are many different brands available. However, we only use reputable brands for our installations and upgrades. Our preferred suppliers include Actrol, Heatcraft, Airefrig, GMR, ARW and Metjak to name a few. No matter the refrigeration parts supplier, our close relationship with them means that you receive the best products at the best prices.

Technology advances mean that you no longer have to buy a power hungry base model unit. Talk to us about energy saving electronic expansion valves, Fan speed controls and even refrigerant choices that will reduce your power bills and keep your system future proof. Remember –  as some refrigerants are being phased out, so don’t be caught buying something cheap that will only be redundant in time to come.

Condensing Units

Remote condensing units like this one shown part way through installation are the heart of your refrigeration system. They need to be selected carefully to ensure you are not wasting energy, but also so that they can provide the correct humidity levels in the room. For example; a unit that runs too much can dry meat and vegetables out. We often find that people buy second hand equipment, only to find it isn’t really matched up and they are never really happy.


Shown here is the “hottest” evaporator on the market! All our quotes for new evaporator systems now include as standard – the latest technology in Electronic TX Valves which can save up to 20% in electrical running costs by providing an ideal TX valve superheat in varying conditions. Sure, we can still quote you a basic system with a standard TX valve, but with the electronic valves saving energy, improving food product quality and also increasing life expectancy of your compressor, the smart shoppers are appreciating the savings down the line.

When it comes time to install your equipment, you can expect the best quality from us too. Your fridge plant upgrade is a significant investment, therefore we understand that it needs to be installed in a fashion that will also withstand the rigours of the bump and grind of the worksite. Sure “Any fridgy can install it”. But unless you have our experience you will not recognise the short falls in choosing the wrong installer who may end up costing you more money.


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