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Maintenance of Air conditioning systems is so often overlooked that we are never surprised to hear it has broken down at the worst possible time, needing the most expensive repairs that could have been minimized with a little “Tender loving care”. In these times where attracting and keeping customers is vitally important if your shop or office has bad air conditioning it can turn an easy sale into a “hard sell”.


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Reverse cycle air conditioning maintenance

But in the case of a Reverse cycle air conditioner, we may find during maintenance that the system is short of gas. Whilst this sounds obvious that it has to be repaired, without maintenance it can be left unnoticed.


With R22 refrigerant costing as much as $225/kg and a large ducted system taking 10 kgs as a full charge, it makes simple sense to have those gas leaks detected and repaired quickly before they go down the drain (or to the Ozone layer).


Another risk is that an air conditioning system running short of gas causes the compressor to run at dangerously high temperatures which will eventually lead to compressor failure. The normal costs for a compressor change can be between $1500 – $3000 and yet scheduled maintenance can be as cheap as $50 per unit depending on site conditions.


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What happens if I don’t clean my Air conditioner filters?

The filter does several things. Obviously, it catches dust and airborne materials so that we don’t recirculate what would be an ever-increasing quantity of lint and dust particles. If you have ever seen dust in the sunlight, this is what is getting caught in the filter.


If you have carpet or a lot of foot traffic we also see an increase in levels of lint getting caught on the filter. Most offices don’t have openable windows these days, so imagine if there was no air conditioner to clean up the air, how much the dust would increase day after day!


The air conditioner is the only thing keeping your air clean, so a PM (preventative Maintenance) is essential.

Filter Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning - Allen Air & Refrigeration
If you don’t clean the filter the next thing that happens is a reduction in air quantity that is being distributed to your workplace. This also leads to a reduced quantity of fresh air that is usually introduced through a well-designed air conditioning system. That can lead to an unhealthy workplace.

“Have you ever had the flu run through your office? Maybe consider the air conditioning maintenance regime again.”


With a reduction in airflow, your commercial reverse cycle air conditioner can then be prone to icing up the evaporator, and the next thing you know, there is no air at all, the compressor gets a liquid flood back and BANG!… need a new compressor.


Again, I ask why risk it? For the minimal cost of maintenance, you could save thousands of dollars in repair and lost trading.

Condenser cleaning

  • Can reduce running costs by up to 30%.
  • Case study – We did some math for a commercial air conditioning client and they spend over $2000 per billing cycle on air con running costs. By keeping their condenser clean we can save them $600 per cycle).
  • Condenser cleans will prevent compressor failure costing thousands of dollars.

And yet we commonly see that in the majority of cases, an air conditioning breakdown could have been prevented with a good maintenance regime.


What is done during an air con maintenance?

We recommend commercial reverse cycle air conditioners be serviced at least every 3 months, but in high traffic areas as often as monthly.


When servicing a reverse cycle air conditioner, we look at the key indicators for good performance and is not limited to the following;

 Fan belts Ducting in sound condition
 Gas charge Moisture indication (refrigerant)
 Clean condensers Clean evaporators
 Condenser fans running smoothly Evaporator fans running smoothly
 Condenser air circulation Environmental conditions and influence
 Thermostats set and working correctly Motor and compressor amp draws
 Filter clean Electrical wiring is safe

What is done during an Evaporative Cooler maintenance?

Evap coolers are a lot simpler but still require frequent service. We recommend they be serviced 3 or 6 monthly, depending on the site conditions and the “run hours” that they incur.


For example, a busy kitchen using the evap cooler for “make up air” may need monthly servicing. Whereas a day care centre that doesn’t use an evap during winter will only need as little as 2 visits a year (depending on the quality of the unit)

If you are not sure just ask and our expert tradesmen can advise you.

When servicing an evaporative cooler, we look at the key indicators for good performance and are not limited to the following;

 Fan belts  Ducting in sound condition
 Bearings  Pad condition
 Sump is clean (Rinse if necessary)  Water management system is functioning
 Automatic drain valve working (if fitted)  Evaporator fans running smoothly
 Roof flashings not leaking  Back draft dampers OK
 Plumbing not leaking  Electrical works OK

Our air conditioning maintenance experience doesn’t end there. We also check all types of HVAC equipment ranging from Chiller plant to pumps, boilers, VAV systems, exhaust systems, Wall splits, Ducted splits, Packaged air conditioners, computer rooms, and more.


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