Unfortunately, even the best products can breakdown. When they do it usually causes a lot of frustration and anger having spent your “Hard earned” only to have an air conditioner breakdown.

With 20 years of warranty management, Allen Air and Refrigeration have learnt the secrets to a satisfying warranty repair experience for our clients.

Allen Air are the Temperzone Warranty agents in Perth

Allen Air and Refrigeration are the preferred warranty agents in Perth for Temperzone air conditioning service and warranty repairs. We have extensive knowledge of the systems maintained through many years of supporting the products. Considered the experts, we have been contracted to travel from Darwin, to Onslow and even Leinster to fix issues that others cannot diagnose. When you have a Temperzone air conditioner concern, be it a warranty or non-warranty job, Allen Air and Refrigeration are your best bet at a quick turn around for your break down repair.

How do I log a Temperzone warranty call?

  1. Try and go through the dealer who sold you the system
  2. Or log your own warranty call for your Temperzone air conditioner by going to http://warranty.temperzone.com.au

Before you log a warranty call….

We recommend you do a few checks before you log a warranty call. Those checks may be simple things like changing batteries in the remote controller, checking the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, making sure the filter is cleaned or that the garden hasn’t grown over the outdoor unit. These items and many others are deemed maintenance issues and can result in back charges for what is deemed to be non-warranty. These kind of things are out of the control of the manufacturer and they can either charge you for it or void your warranty as a result

Another thing to be aware of is that the ducting components are not covered by the manufacturer who only makes the actual air conditioner. So, if your service call sounds like “My air con works great but the air doesn’t come out of the kid’s bedroom anymore”, then chances are that this is an installation or damper motor issue which won’t be covered by the manufacturer. More often than not, the dealer’s installation warranty should cover these repairs for free, and if we attend only to discover the problem is a non-warranty, you could also be charged for the minimum call out. So save some frustration and talk to the dealer about your experiences before you log your warranty call.

Whilst the above may sound a bit funny, as air conditioning warranty agents that have performed works on behalf of the manufacturer for nearly 20 years, believe me when I say that quite often we arrive to find that the problem isn’t a manufacturers problem at all. A few simple checks can save delays in getting your air con back on track, and we want to help you get your air conditioner working again in the most efficient and smoothest manner we can

So how do you log an air conditioning warranty call?

  • We always recommend you contact the dealer that you purchased your air conditioning system through. This way you can continue your customer relationship with them and cover off what we have discussed above.
  • If you aren’t successful with the dealer who sold the unit to, it is then most efficient to log your air-conditioning warranty call direct with the manufacturer. Usually they will have an online warranty system. Don’t be disheartened by this. It’s the norm these days so just work with it. Otherwise, if you are lucky the manufacturer may have a customer service or help line that you can call.
  • After logging your call, the air conditioning manufacturer’s warranty department will allocate the job to the relevant warranty service provider in your area. For the units we service under warranty, that’s where we come into action.

What happens after I log an air conditioning warranty call?

  • Once you have logged your call, we usually receive the job within half a day. At this point our job scheduler will call you to find out your movements to arrange a warranty attendance. We aim to contact you within an hour after receiving the job, but if we are busy it could take half a day to process the job, so hang in there, we wont be far away!

Will my air conditioner be fixed in one visit?

We carry a reasonable stock of commonly used parts for Temperzone air conditioners, but without towing a semi-trailer it is impossible to hold everything. So sometimes we may have one visit to diagnose and another to return and fit the part.

Temperzone’s warranty department are actually one of the most efficient and proactive businesses that we have worked for. When we advise them of any required parts they are send the next day from Sydney by either air or road freight, depending on the weight.

Once we have received your parts our job scheduler will arrange a final return visit to finalise the repairs.


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