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When your air conditioning goes, boy doesn’t the world tell you about it! And so it should – WA businesses can be punishing without air-con. If it’s given up, how do you think your workers will be feeling?


Then think about your customers. If no air-con is greeting them at the door, chances are neither will you be as they head off elsewhere for some respite from the heat or comfort from the cold.


To lessen the impact of this nightmare scenario, make sure you save Allen Air’s emergency number in your phone for fast commercial ac repairs. That’s 08 9524 6534.


Why You Should Call Us For Commercial AC Repairs

It’s simple – we’re delivering what our clients asked us for a quick response so you can get back to business.
That’s why we’ve left the servicing of domestic air conditioners to others – so we can be quick off the mark and fix your problem pronto. It’s how we came to save this customer from a ridiculously high electricity bill and an inevitable urgent air-con repair.

Air Conditioning Case Study

Case study #1

Their ac unit was costing them over $2,000 per billing cycle. Upon inspection, we saw a condenser that was in dire need of a clean. We then did some maths on before and after the clean and deduced that with regular cleaning, we could save them $600 per power bill cycle.


We turned them around from being one step away from a breakdown into a major cost-saving through fast service, years of know-how and regular maintenance.


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Common Indicators that a Commercial AC Repair is Needed

We know, you’re not only busy running a business but the air conditioner unit sits on your building’s roof. How are you meant to know when it’s headed for a breakdown?

Look for these signs:

If you can alert us to any slight changes to your air-con, our breakdown and maintenance team will come out and tell you why. Just remember to save our number on your phone – 08 9524 6534.


We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because commercial air conditioners do too. Avoiding a breakdown

Avoiding A Breakdown and AC Repair

To avoid a commercial ac repair, and the massive replacement costs involved, here’s a quick guide for when to service your unit.

If you’re not sure how often your commercial premises needs air condition servicing, please call us and we’ll provide expert opinion.


Learn more about our evaporative air conditioning service.

Fast to Fix

Just remember, to fix a commercial ac breakdown it takes a commercial ac repairer. Not a guy who’s busy working on a 3-bedder in Armadale.

Lock us in and we’ll be ‘round before you can dig out the fan from your friend’s cluttered garage. Allen Air and Refrigeration is your absolute guarantee for enjoying air-conditioned comfort all year round.


Our tradesmen all wear traditional “corporate” trades uniforms complete with name embroidery, so you know who you are dealing with. Your staff will feel secure in the knowledge that the company name is there identifying the tradesman in your office. 


Our experience is also well recognized amongst other commercial air conditioning contractors, who are completely comfortable in employing our services for technical breakdowns that are more difficult to work through. 


Our technical ability has been called upon for jobs as far as Leinster in the Goldfields, to Onslow in the North West and even Darwin.

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