Commercial Exhaust Systems

Commercial Exhaust Systems In Perth

Allen Air and Refrigeration can supply and install your new commercial exhaust canopy! That’s right. We have supplied and installed kitchen exhaust hoods for many of Perth and Rockingham’s restaurants. We can offer a system to suit your budget, but can also offer advice on the ideal equipment selection that will make your commercial kitchen a pleasant place to work in.


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Kitchen Exhaust System Case Study

Our client needed a commercial kitchen exhaust canopy measuring 4-metres long and only had a 400mm roof space. Sure, some people will try and install the cheapest fan arrangement so that they can win the job. But not Allen Air and Refrigeration. We walked the client through the options and pitfalls of a cheap and lousy installation. During our meeting the client explained that a noisy exhaust system adds unnecessary stress on employees who have to shout over the fan. Add to that a lack of cool “make up air” and this restaurant owner said that poor working conditions were the number 1 reason for a chef to quit.

For this job, we designed a system complete with an extended rooftop, horizontal sheet metal duct design that allowed the installation of an attenuator between the canopy and the large exhaust fan. After commissioning the client actually called us and said it wasn’t working. To his surprise, it was running at full speed whilst exceeding the performance requirements of air quantity.

Our preferred kitchen exhaust fan is the Heritage and Gamma models distributed by Fans Direct. The Heritage and gamma model exhaust fans have the following attributes

Leaving the back door open to the kitchen just isn’t good enough. A fly screen adds so much resistance on air flow that it can actually make the exhaust system perform poorly. For make-up air on this commercial kitchen exhaust, we refurbished the existing evaporative cooler and installed new ducting and outlets. Now the chef and other staff can cook in one of the most comfortable environments around. And the business owner has less staff turnover which makes his restaurant even better!

Toilet Exhaust Systems

If the toilets in your commercial property are smelling particularly bad, maybe its time to get your system serviced. Allen Air and Refrigeration have the skills to diagnose and maintain all electrical motors and exhaust systems, so you don’t need to get in an electrician at all! Let us handle it. Another benefit in using Allen Air and Refrigeration is that only a HVAC specialist like us can go further and perform an air survey to confirm if your exhaust system is meeting the requirements of the Australian Standards.

Years of dust can accumulate in the duct system and fan, making it lose its efficiency over time. We can confirm the air quantity, complete an air balance and direct you toward a solution to your exhaust requirements.

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