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Allen Air & Refrigeration can service your commercial Ice Machine, keeping it in optimum running condition!

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At Allen Air we recommend regular maintenance of your Ice Machines. Be proactive and Call Now!

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Allen Air and Refrigeration are the only experts in Perth for the testing of your Ice Machine, ensuring it can meet all health regulations!

Ice Machine Testing, Servicing & Maintenance

Without proper cleaning, maintenance and servicing, your ice machine can become a hotbed for bacteria and disease. Allen Air & Refrigeration provide professional ice machine servicing as part of our comprehensive commercial refrigeration maintenance offering.

Why your ice machine must be cleaned regularly

Many publicans, restaurant owners, bar managers and sports clubs fail to realise that ice is considered a food. Just like your commercial kitchen or bar area, your ice machine is subject to a wide array of contaminants during regular operation:

  1. Bacteria from hands
  2. Airborne contaminants
  3. Dust and debris build-up
  4. Mould and slime

And those are just the health hazards you can see. Smaller microbial particles are regularly found in and around ice bins, which puts the health of your patrons and staff at risk. Bacteria and disease can quickly spread in drinks, through human contact, or in extreme cases through a polluted water source.

Ice machines are a hot topic when it comes to commercial cleaning. Thankfully, there is an easy way to keep your cool with professional refrigeration servicing from Allen Air & Refrigeration.

How Allen Air & Refrigeration can help

Our professional ice machine cleaning program strips away visible and invisible contaminants and creates a barrier that protects the health of people at your venue.

  1. Complete strip-down of individual water circuit parts
  2. Descaling and sanitising
  3. Water filter replacement

We also offer full water and ice sampling in an off-site laboratory. Testing is your best insurance policy against claims that your ice was the cause of illness.

Does Your Ice Machine Need Testing?

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How often should I clean my ice machine?

Ice machine manufacturers will differ in their recommendations. As Perth’s refrigeration and ice machine sanitation experts, we strongly recommend a full service at least every 6 months to ensure bacteria levels remain below the strict minimum levels set out by Australia/NZ Food Standards Code.



Regular service and testing should follow a scheduled maintenance program based on a scientific approach. To save you time and money, we can complete ice machine testing at the same time as cool room and air conditioning servicing.



Contact us to schedule routine servicing now.

The risks of not cleaning or maintaining your ice machine


With the heightened awareness of hygiene in today’s world, you cannot afford the risk of one (or many) customers falling ill from a contaminated ice supply. If bacteria are allowed to enter your ice machine, the consequences can range from bad to catastrophic:

·         Customer illness in the hundreds

·         Legal action

·         Financial penalty

·         Food Standards Australia intervention

·         Forced venue closure

·         Negative media attention


Put simply, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


How to keep your ice machine clean between servicing


There are some things you and your staff can do to maintain a work environment free from health hazards.

·         Keep a close eye out for dust, mould and slime

·         Check under and behind the machine regularly

·         Never return ice to the machine

·         Staff should always wash their hands before handling ice

·         Store ice scoop outside the bin when not in use

·         Empty ice bins weekly to remove damp spots


Keep your cool: Call Allen Air & Refrigeration for ice machine servicing


Allen Air & Refrigeration are here to keep your business safe from the consequences of unsafe ice handling. Our comprehensive and cost-effective services cover all the bases, keeping your business in line with strict hygiene standards for everyone’s benefit.


Contact us to find out more about ice machine servicing and maintenance.

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Ashleigh Meek

Fantastic service from Trent and his apprentice. They had to fix up the mistakes of another company and did a awesome job at it. They were really friendly and informative even when i was asking a million questions. They are a great asset to your business, keep up the good work guys!

Stender Dental Studio

Allen Air has given us excellent customer service and would use their services in the future. A great company to deal with.

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