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  • So when would you look at replacing an air conditioner?

    We here at Allen Air would recommend a quick service call in the first instance that you feel something is wrong. But I have listed 5 reasons that could indicate its time to upgrade to a new Daikin.

    1. The unit is blowing air out that is not as hot or cold as expected in comparison to the temp setting.

    In cooling mode, when a compressor is tripping out, often you might start to feel cold air when first turned on, followed less than a minute or 2 later by a warmer air. This air is simply re-circulated air and isn’t actually being heated. The compressor tripping can be caused by a faulty capacitor, gas charge or maybe even a faulty inverter board. If repair costs are likely to be greater than 10% of complete replacement cost, and your unit is nearing 10 years old, maybe consider an upgrade.

    1. The air conditioner has diminished air flow

    Check your filters first, but if they are clean and there just doesn’t seem to be much air, your evaporator coil could be heavily blocked with years of grime and dust. This can be cleaned as part of a service call, but at the end of the day if your unit is quite old it may not be worth spending much on it when you could have a brand new Daikin complete with a 5 year warranty

    1. Strange noises and smells coming from the unit

    Bearings only last so long. It could be time for a major overhaul or a new air conditioner upgrade. We generally know what kinds of noises our air con makes, so if you hear something different, don’t ignore it in case it creates an even more costly repair.

    If you have bad smells it could be caused by mould, electrical failures, overheating motors or dare I say it, an old rat that has found its way in there! Get us to check it out, but if it is an older unit consider a Daikin replacement air conditioner

    1. The air conditioner is short cycling

    If the unit is cutting in and out a lot more than it used to something is likely to be wrong. Called short cycling, the rapid cutting in and out will end up destroying the compressor. The cause of short cycling can be varied and if repairs are not viable, replacement may be necessary.

    1. Increased energy bills

    If your power costs have increased you may have to do an analysis of where you have been using your power, but if your air conditioner is working inefficiently then this could be the source of the problem. We recommend having the unit serviced initially to see if we can solve a similar problem but it could lead to the recommendation of an air conditioner upgrade if the unit is getting old.

  • “Should I call an electrician or a refrigeration mechanic?”

    The basic answer is – “If it used to be cold and now it isn’t, you need a refrigeration mechanic”

  • “But it is tripping the circuit breaker”

    A refrigeration mechanic can diagnose and replace all electrical components in the fridge or air conditioner. The biggest advantage of using a Refrigeration mechanic over electricians is the ability to handle refrigerants, which makes for a “complete” assessment of your Refrigeration or Air conditioning system. We often hear of clients who have called an electrician first, only to then have to call us when they can’t repair it. So, save your money and call us to avoid doubling up your service costs!

  • How often should I have my commercial fridge serviced?

    We recommend refrigeration plant be serviced every 3 months, but definitely at no longer than 6 monthly intervals. We recently had a client who had 1 of 2 condenser fans failed on their condensing unit up on the roof of his Restaurant. With maintenance we could have picked this up, but as a result of not knowing, the compressor eventually failed as a result of running at high temps. This repair cost went from an affordable $300 to $2400.

  • How often should I have my commercial air conditioner serviced?

    In busy commercial tenancies, Air conditioning should be serviced monthly but no longer than 3 monthly, due to the high probability that the filters will get blocked. Whilst the odd person might downplay the significance of filter cleaning (out of sight, out of mind), imagine the cost experienced when the evaporator ices up through poor air flow. When the drain freezes over the water then ruins the ceiling making it collapse or leak straight onto the computer tower. Yep, maintenance is a great idea! Don’t forget that a clean air conditioner will help maintain a healthier workplace, particularly in winters flu seasons.

  • How often should I service my ice machine?

    People so often overlook that “Ice is a food.” Well of course it is! Would you serve your customers water from a jug that had been sitting for 3 months? Or if it was possible, maybe ice from an esky that was 3 months old? Certainly not!

    When making ice, only the purest water turns to ice. The dissolvable solids are left behind to clog up and corrode the machine.

    We recommend that ice machines are serviced no less than 3 months at the absolute minimum. Our service includes Descaling and then a Sanitizing wash of the evaporator and storage bin. We have a client at a local sporting stadium with a bin that holds 1000 kgs of ice. We empty the entire machine and sterilize the storage bin, then actually carry out hygiene testing with swabs. This is how serious this client is about understanding ice is a food.

    I believe that 90% of ice machine problems are water related, so we also include the replacement of the water filter in our standard price. Whilst this adds a little cost to the running cost of the machine, the added reliability offsets the inconvenience of a busy Friday night with no ice.

  • How often should I service my evaporative cooler?

    These days, evaporative coolers have terrific water management systems that keep them much healthier than the old days. Whilst you could stretch a maintenance schedule to 3 monthly, I still recommend monthly. Lets just say that in my time I climbed on several roofs and have found panels off with anything from dead birds to cats inside! Gross! Unfortunately even the best water management system won’t flush an animal down the drain and all this decay will be pushed into your airstream. YUK. It just isn’t worth risking the health of your customers and staff, so again, I recommend monthly maintenance.

    Apart from the gross service stories, strong winds will be enough to rip a panel off on some brands, the result can be significant water ingress that will damage your ceiling and floor stock.

  • My Fridge plant cuts in and out a lot. Is that normal?

    If your condensing unit is cutting in and out a lot, it could be cycling on the pressure control which is a safety device to stop the compressor running in conditions that will destroy it if left running indefinitely. The problem could be either be “short of gas”, “dirty condenser”, “dead fan motor” or some other problem. If you choose to ignore it, start saving your money for an even more expensive compressor change.

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