September 27, 2021

It’s unusual to find commercial spaces without air conditioning, especially given Perth’s warm climate. From shops and restaurants to office buildings, almost all businesses have one or two air conditioning systems.


There are quite a few brands and models on the market, meaning it can be difficult to find the proper heating and cooling solution for your commercial needs. If you’re thinking about installing a commercial air conditioning unit, read on to learn about some of the different types available. However, you can categorize most of them into several different types:


Single-Split Air Conditioning Systems

For smaller commercial spaces (think single-room shops, cafés, or small offices), single-split types are a great choice. Compact, affordable, and efficient, single-split systems are perfect for cooling smaller areas. The installation of these systems is relatively straightforward.


Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

A multi-split system is where one outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units, allowing the system to cool down medium-sized areas effectively. This type of air conditioning can require more involved pipework as every indoor unit is piped back to the outdoor unit and may take time to install.


Split Ducted Air Conditioners

Suitable for small commercial properties, ducted air conditioning systems can heat and cool your space through a hidden ductwork system. With its zone control feature, ducted air conditioning gives you the flexibility to adjust the temperature of individual rooms, allowing you only to heat or cool the rooms you’re using, effectively reduce your usage and costs. We see these systems installed in many homes. However, the larger models are often installed in commercial tenancies without any zones, serving multiple offices at the same time.


Packaged air conditioners

Often seen on the roof tops of shopping centres, these packaged units offer the advantage of ducted air conditioning where the servicing can be done from the roof, without disruption to the tenancy’s operations. These are ideal where privacy concerns in medical centres would prevent good access to a split ducted system for servicing as they are in the ceiling and would have to be accessed via a clunky ladder in the passageway. Or consider a fully stocked clothing store with a 4-metre ceiling, where the use of a ladder just won’t work due to the shelving and stock. This is where the packaged ducted system is the best choice.


Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems provide heating and cooling needs to medium and large commercial properties. “3 Pipe” VRF types can simultaneously heat one area while cooling another, whilst the more affordable “2 Pipe” systems will only heat or cool at any one time. This commercial air conditioning unit requires a single outdoor unit that connects to up to multiple indoor units.


Evaporative coolers

 These units can only provide “cool” air compared to a reverse cycle unit which in comparison provides “cold” air. An evap cooler will not provide any heating unless applied in conjunction with a gas ducted heating system which is not always practical for most applications. The best thing about Evap coolers, known in the old days as “Swampies” is that they are cheap to run and provide 100% fresh outside air when running. The downside is they don’t work that well in humid weather and on those days it can be difficult to decide if you are better off with it on or off.


Indirect evaporative coolers

 If you are after a unit that is cheap to run and that provides 100% fresh air without the increased humidity that a standard Evap cooler (Direct evap cooler) does. This is the latest technology that fits in the comfort zone between reverse cycle and direct evaporative cooler. Providing air that can be 5 or 6 degrees colder than an evap cooler, they are also very cheap to run. The indirect evap cooler will not provide heating unless connected to a ducted gas heating system. From a price point, the purchase price also fits between reverse cycle and evap cooler installations


Why choose Allen Air for your commercial air conditioning unit in Perth?

Choosing the right air conditioning for your property can be daunting but it is made easy by meeting with our expert staff who can offer the best solution for you.


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