Burnt Commercial Air Conditioning Unit - Allen Air & Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance
September 10, 2018

An air conditioner like this small evaporative cooler sits up on the roof of your building. Unless you are willing to climb up there, you have no idea of what condition it is in.

We find dead birds, slime, algae and dirt in air conditioners from time to time and guess what? Yep, those bugs are 100% being blown down the duct into your office or workplace.

We can’t tell if the motor had a bearing failure resulting in it overheating, or if simply there was an electrical connection that was loose because there is nothing left to work with! Imagine the loss of income for your business if this occurred in your workplace. Could you operate elsewhere whilst the clean up occurred? If you feel there is a risk, the answer is simple. Invest in regular maintenance on your HVAC systems, Air conditioning, Evap coolers and even exhaust systems before it is too late.

Another benefit in maintenance is the possibility of reducing potential greater repair costs. Again, in this case study, if we had detected and quoted noisy bearing repairs on this evaporative cooler, the cost would be far cheaper than replacing the unit of course.