Cooling The Pilbra Down - Allen Air & Refrigeration
July 3, 2018

Our Onslow client had brand new air conditioners serving the wet mess that worked great in the daytime but were tripping in the heat of the afternoon when the workers knocked off for a beer and needed it most. Many hours of frustration for the mine site fridgies had them stumped.

After trying “everything” they called us in the knowledge that we are the Temperzone air conditioner experts in WA. We flew our tradesman up and after a thorough examination of the air conditioning systems, we found no problems with the air conditioner itself. What we did find was that the return air grill located directly over the bar that serves the beer garden. Unfortunately, when the bar opened it sucked, 40 – 45degree air straight into the air conditioner that was effectively trying to cool the Pilbara down.

Whilst this may sound simple in hindsight, unfortunately, many tradesmen spent thousands of dollars trying to work out the problem and we diagnosed it in a few short hours. The installing contractor was advised, and they were able to redesign their installation successfully.