Service Tech, Refrigeration Mechanic, Air Con Technician, HVAC technician or maybe even the good old “Fridgy”. What ever you like to call us, we are usually the most popular guy in the house when we get your Air conditioner or Refrigeration system back up and running.

What makes an ideal refrigeration mechanic?

Our technicians have completed a 4-year apprenticeship in a very diverse trade requiring experience on many different equipment types. As a result, it takes several years for an Air conditioning mechanic / Refrigeration technician to become well versed in the trade.

Every tradesman here at Allen Air and Refrigeration has a minimum 13 years’ experience with others as many as 35 years Refrigeration and Air conditioning servicing experience. In fact, we have a total of 118 years combined trade experience here at Allen Air & Refrigeration. What we have created through good employment practices is a team of service techs who can repair your breakdown efficiently. Our business has a terrific mentoring support system in that we all feed each other with technical support. The result is a combined and extensive wealth of knowledge on pretty much any type of HVAC or Refrigeration service breakdown.

Why choose Allen Air & Refrigeration for Refrigeration Repairs?

With our focus on customer service, our “Fridgies” can offer you sound advice and opinion on service and maintenance issues based on their many years of experience. You can be confident their advice takes into consideration factors like;

  • Age and condition of the system
  • Retrofitting of refrigerant gas requirements – R22 is being phased out and is now 4-5 times more expensive than R404!
  • Suitability of the existing condenser and evaporator – your successful business may have doubled the work load on the cool room and your fridge plant may now be undersized.
  • Your long and short-term cash flow considerations
  • Environmental factors
  • Food safe and hygiene requirements
  • Maintenance proposals to extend the life cycle of the equipment
  • Electricity and running costs – We have several tips to save you money. EG; ask how our electronic TX valves can save you 30% on running costs.
  • Price v’s reliability – so many people buy “on price’ these days without realising what they are buying. Who better to talk to about reliability and future repair issues, product reputation or parts availability, then our tradesmen who see this every day?

Our tradesman all wear what I call “corporate chambray workwear”, and although it is typically trades clothing, it is not the standard dirty Fluoro attire that more closely resembles fishing clothes. Our shirts carry both our logo and also the technicians name – so you always know who you are dealing with. You and your staff will be comfortable with our presence at all times when we are working on your refrigeration or air con plant.


Service vans

Our service vans are current model Ford Transit Customs, complete with signwriting and an internal fit out second to none offering our tradesman one of the safest workplaces they can wish for. The vans are well equipped for most air con or refrig breakdown situations that we might come across. Our tradesmen are given every recourse required to make your air con or fridge repair go from start to finish with the best efficiency in mind. If we haven’t got the part, we offer different freight options to expediate the repair within a time frame that suits you.



Each service van is equipped with all the tools you would expect a professional to carry, Plus even more!

·       Vac Pump ·       R410a refrigerant gas
·       Reclaim bottles ·       R22 refrigerant gas
·       Electronic leak detectors ·       H34 refrigerant gas
·       Nitrogen ·       R134a refrigerant gas
·       Oxy Acetylene ·       R404 refrigerant gas
·       Reclaimer ·       Extension Ladder

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