Just like you need to keep up with regular maintenance and servicing of your car, you also need to ensure your commercial refrigeration assets are regularly maintained.

Without correctly maintaining your fridges or cool rooms, businesses could run into several issues, including:

  • Increased electrical costs through high head pressures;
  • Leaking seals;
  • Dirty evaporators and condensers;
  • Hygiene and health issues that could compromise your business’s good name or even worse – destroy your business overnight; and
  • Fire hazards – another regrettable risk that should be avoided.

To keep costs manageable for your business, we offer extended payment terms to all clients who enter into maintenance agreements (subject to approval) – what a bonus!

Businesses who become approved account holders also benefit from the Allen Air & Refrigeration four-hour service guarantee for refrigeration breakdowns. If we don’t make it, we deduct the service fee!