Start talking about how well your commercial refrigeration operates and it’s smiles all around, but once it breaks down, there’s a sudden chill to the air that is not so welcome.
That’s why scheduled services and maintenance are a must for its long term health. With Allen Air and Refrigeration, you’re guaranteed the best service, maintenance and installation on commercial refrigeration in Perth, bar none!

Commercial Refrigeration in Perth

Treat your cold room or refrigeration system like a VIP – a very important (silent) partner. It works hard, running 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. If it takes a break, there goes your stock, future trade and possibly a chunk of your reputation.

Keep the refrigerator turning over or, as this client found out, disaster strikes.

Scenario #1.

We were called in after a business ignored a small patch of ice that was growing on the back of the evaporator in their cool room. Over a few weeks it grew and grew to a point where it damaged the fan and the drain overflowed into the food. What food wasn’t damaged by water, was thrown out anyway after the eventual breakdown and warm temps meant the rest of the food was unfit for consumption. In trying to save money, this client ended up spending way more due to lost stock. It pays to keep on top of maintenance and repairs!

Scheduled Maintenance is a Must!

Every single commercial refrigerator in Perth is one unit comprising of a number of smaller mechanisms. Without maintenance, it’s a domino effect – ignore one small issue and soon enough, more problems arise.

These issues can include:

  • Increased electrical costs through high head pressures, leaking seals, dirty evaporators and condensers.
  • Hygiene and health issues that could compromise your business’s good name or threaten to destroy it entirely.
  • And of course, fire hazards.


Scenario #2.

One client ignored a squeaky bearing on their condenser fan motor which was housed in the ceiling space above. When the motor overheated, a fire started and destroyed the entire unit. The food court of the shopping centre was evacuated and the store lost two days of trade.

From as little as $165 covering three months of servicing, this trauma could have been saved. We also offer extended payment terms to all clients who enter into an Allen Air Maintenance Agreement (subject to approval). Your commercial refrigeration is overseen by experts, plus the agreement helps to make the cash flow implications of ongoing maintenance more manageable. Bonus!

We Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration in Perth Going

We totally understand commercial refrigeration in Perth. It’s a demanding climate, for sure. Your refrigeration is the heartbeat of your business. To keep your business pumping, we’re ready to do it all, from a regular maintenance check-up to open-heart refrigerator surgery.

We solve problems others can’t and keep companies who are serious about staying in business, well away from trouble. Is it time for your next refrigeration service? Great, we’re ready. Give us a call today for a super-fast response.

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