commercial fridge repair in Perth
March 29, 2021

Dependable refrigeration is essential for every business. Malfunctioning commercial refrigeration units lead to lost income and reduced service that risks impacting your professional reputation.

As leading commercial refrigeration repair experts in Perth, Allen Air & Refrigeration have more than two decades of extensive experience making sure client refrigeration equipment remains consistently reliable.

Below are situations our team often encounters. Reach out if any point sounds familiar, as commercial fridge repair or refrigeration maintenance may be required. We excel at troubleshooting, and offer 24/7 breakdown repairs and servicing.


Common Issues Seen In Commercial Refrigerators


“My fridge seals are torn and have air gaps.”

A faulty seal is often dismissed until the health inspector demands it is replaced. More importantly, it is increasing your running costs and likely to create a larger breakdown issue once the evaporator has iced up, and you are caught throwing out stock.


“A heap of ice has built up.”

While warm air entering does result in ice (i.e. faulty doors and seals), there could be something more sinister to blame, including refrigerant leaks, failed evaporator fans, filters, dirty coils or even a faulty thermostat. Increased ice or frost can be a visual cue for repairs and maintenance.


“My commercial refrigeration costs more to run.”

Increased electricity costs could be a sign of a poorly functioning compressor, as it struggles to control the temperature level in your refrigeration unit. If maintenance is neglected, parts that are barely performing will likely contribute to compressor failure.


“The temperature doesn’t seem right.”

You know your fridge better than anyone. A creeping temperature is the initial warning sign of a problem. Ignoring the inevitable normally results in a larger repair cost than necessary i.e. a fridge that never cycles off could be about to freeze over and manually defrosting a coil could take around 60 minutes of labour, before we can start diagnosing the reason.


“I don’t think the door is closing itself properly.”

Intermittent auto-closing must be addressed. If your refrigeration unit door isn’t self-closing correctly, and staff or customers are opening the door constantly throughout the day, the interior temperature will likely fluctuate.


“We’re getting a lot of condensation and dripping.”

Increasing drips in a commercial refrigeration system might indicate an issue with a drain, possibly a blockage. We can address this for you. If attempting cleaning yourself, remember to switch off first. Worn out seals could be another cause.


“The fan is making a weird noise.”

A noisy fan most likely means a problem with the fan blade. It’s possible over time the fan potentially shifted and is no longer aligned. It could even be hitting a build-up of ice on the evaporator. Also keep in mind a broken fan motor may lead to high temperatures.


“The refrigerator sounds have changed.”

One sign your compressor is experiencing difficulties is if the subtle humming sound has changed pitch or stops altogether. New strange noises usually point toward a mechanical issue, perhaps the motor, blocked condenser, or another faulty component.


Commercial refrigeration maintenance

The best way to address a problem? Avoid it from the outset. Regular refrigeration maintenance is a smart investment in your equipment. Our check-ups ensure the longevity and premium performance of commercial refrigeration systems.


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As a family-owned air conditioning and refrigeration enterprise, Allen Air & Refrigeration takes the needs of every business seriously—large or small. Addressing issues quickly and effectively, we prioritise minimal impact on company productivity.

If your business has a refrigeration issue in Perth or wider Western Australia, contact our customer service team. We guarantee a four-hour response time for account holders. Have a read of our full list of comprehensive commercial refrigeration services.