commercial air conditioning service in Perth
May 13, 2021

With the warmer months of summer has been and gone, many of us might assume that our air conditioners aren’t working very hard in these late months of Autumn.

Surprisingly, however, it is the clear cloudless nights that allow the evening minimum temperatures to drop lower than a rainy, cloud-covered day in the middle of winter.

Allen Air & Refrigeration’s experience shows that a workplace will be more productive when the room temperatures are ideal. A shopping outlet that can keep customers in store for longer and who are also comfortable will also sell more products than a competitor with poor air conditioning.

What should you expect from air conditioning maintenance?

A qualified Allen Air & Refrigeration technician will address the following in compliance with Australian Standards 3666:

  • • Cleaning and where necessary, replacing filters.
  • • Confirming electrical safety, checking for loose wiring connections and amp draws of motors.
  • • Checking refrigerant and checking for leaks to prevent major and expensive loss of refrigerant.
  • • Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils where necessary
  • • Flushing and clearing the condensate drains
  • • Checking of ductwork for cleanliness where applicable
  • • Cleaning of evaporative coolers and water treatment towers
  • • Overall system performance check

When our technicians are on-site, be sure to mention any issues that you may have been experiencing including;

  • • Reduced flow of air, even on high settings.
  • • An unpleasant smell, that may be stronger when the system is running.
  • • Feeling the temperature of the room doesn’t match the thermostat setting.
  • • The sound of dripping or running water, or abnormally large amounts of water around drainage points outside the building.
  • • New odd noises have recently begun.
  • • An increase in power bills.

Is air conditioning servicing really necessary?

Consider this;

The average vehicle is used for 30-60 minutes most days. The “Next service” sticker on the window is never ignored and we get our car serviced, without question, even if it isn’t displaying any faults.

In contrast, Commercial Air conditioning runs for more than 8 hours per day and if not maintained can result in loss of trade or productivity for your business. A regular air conditioning maintenance program makes more sense than car servicing!!

But more importantly, other factors make air conditioning essential.

  • A commercial air conditioning system must be maintained in accordance with AS 3666. Failure to do so could result in a risk of liability should an employee or customer become sick as a result of poor air conditioning maintenance.
  • Many commercial air conditioners are interlinked with the building’s fire emergency system. If the air conditioner is offline, the smoke exhaust or air pressurization of the building will be compromised which could result in liability should it result in a death of an employee or customer.
  • Most of the time, a commercial air conditioner located out of sight, will not let you know of a service problem that has developed until it has become a major issue. The intent of air conditioning maintenance is to reduce the untimely occurrences of preventable issues that if not caught early, will often result in higher repair bills.
    • For example; a gas leak caught during monthly maintenance may need as little as $25 worth of gas. If the same leak is undetected for 3 months, some systems could lose $2500 worth of refrigerant!!

Let’s discuss your servicing schedule

Our technicians will create a personalised asset register listing all your commercial air conditioning systems. The Brand, model, serial number, location, and more are kept on file.

We then create a customised schedule of maintenance frequency and system checks for your specific air conditioning equipment. Our automated job management system will let us know when your next service is due, so you don’t have to remember when it was last done. During the maintenance, our tradesman provides a “Pass / Fail” result for all items. All concerns are then quoted to you for your option to approve the further repair.

Remember – Understanding what needs to be repaired is the first step. But following up and approving recommended repairs is essential to complete the maintenance cycle and to minimise the risk of more expensive air conditioner matters in the future.

Why we are Perth’s premier commercial air conditioning service specialists

Allen Air & Refrigeration has over 100 years of combined experience in providing Perth businesses with commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration care. Our solutions are long-term, as are our client connections.

As commercial air conditioning specialists, our focus is always on servicing businesses here in Western Australia, to provide a faster turnaround for our clients. Being able to respond to businesses promptly is our priority.

Drop a line or make a call to our customer service team. Allen Air & Refrigeration can be reached seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Book a service for your commercial air conditioning system today.