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Commercial Air Conditioning Perth

Allen Air & Refrigeration are your #1 choice for all of your commercial air conditioning requirements.

Why? Well, we made a commitment to our commercial air conditioning clients to provide the best service we could.

We asked our clients:

“What is the most important thing to you after placing your service call?”

The resounding feedback was that a quick response time would allow them to get back to business.

At Allen Air & Refrigeration, we appreciate how frustrating it is to have staff complaining or going home sick, or even worse – your customers walking out!

So, to serve you better as a commercial air conditioning client, we decided to avoid domestic air conditioning and refrigeration works.

This has allowed us to get to the site much quicker than our competition, who would otherwise be installing ductwork in someone’s house for the rest of the afternoon.

You may have had that tradesman who took all day to attend, only to arrive at closing time? You know the one, dirty flouro’s and smells like they need a shower? Chances are he was balancing Domestic air con installations against your “inconvenient” service call.

“Cheap Rates VS Valuable service”

When you use our services, you can be confident that you are getting value for money in every hour charged. We often hear of clients who choose to use Commercial ac repair guys with “cheaper rates”. But don’t be fooled. More often than not our clients come back to us and explain that their experience with “Cheap” was costing them more through the extra hours of labour spent diagnosing simple problems:

Over the years, Allen Air has collected a number of Case Studies showing why it is important to focus on quality workmanship rather than cheap prices

Additionally, there are “one-man bands” who fail to provide the prompt service you deserve in peak demand. So even a good cheap refrigeration mechanic that was a once attractive idea, will leave you wanting more service when the chips are down.

The smarter way is to use Allen Air and Refrigeration for your Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Perth. Call us for a quote today!

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Why choose Allen Air for your commercial ac repair?

Our tradesmen all wear traditional “corporate” trades uniforms complete with name embroidery, so you know who you are dealing with. Your staff will feel secure in the knowledge that the company name is there identifying the tradesman in your office. Our experience is also well recognized amongst other commercial air conditioning contractors, who are completely comfortable in employing our services for technical breakdowns that are more difficult to work through. Our technical ability has been called upon for jobs as far as Leinster in the Goldfields, to Onslow in the North West and even Darwin.