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If you believe that office air conditioning cannot be made comfortable for everyone, you need to talk to Allen Air and Refrigeration today!

We’ve seen how commercial air conditioning in Perth is letting teams down. Work output suffers. Customers visit less. Unventilated computer systems are threatened. If left for too long without expert air-con treatment, the actual building can be in danger.

It simply shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t with our service team and here’s why.

Commercial Air Conditioning Perth

We made a decision years ago to only service, maintain and install at commercial sites. We love the intricate nature of commercial units. The mission of creating an even, comfortable temperature throughout your business is a challenge we happily accept, and that goes for small and large businesses too.

But best of all, by only servicing commercial customers, we get to you sooner.

Scheduled Maintenance

Allen Air & Refrigeration offers every account holder scheduled servicing and maintenance. This reduces the likelihood of an untimely and more expensive breakdown, or worse, it becoming a genuine fire hazard.

Case Study #1.

Like a small evaporative cooler that burst into flames recently on a client’s roof. The first thing they knew about it was when smoke was blowing through the vents. It could have been a loose bearing. It could have been caked with insects. We couldn’t tell because it had all melted into one big plastic blob.

Result: A big expensive clean-up plus installation of a whole new air conditioning unit. Regular inspections would have saved a lot of heartache and expense.

If your commercial equipment does break down and you’re an account holder with Allen Air, you instantly qualify for our 4-hour attendance guarantee, meaning we will always be there when you need us the most!

Someone Else’s “Cheap” vs. Our Quality

We’re often called in to fix someone else’s cheap repair. If you get us in first, you actually save money!

Case Study #2.

Our Leinster client gave another air-con company multiple chances to fix their system. We arrived for what was thought to be a four-day job but after diagnosing three stages with bad TX valve superheats and a 4th stage that was short on gas, we had it working fine in just one day!

Result: Do it right the first time. Get quality servicing of commercial air conditioning at the start and you save in the long run.


Our Services for Commercial Air Conditioning in Perth

We’ll make sure your office enjoys the ideal office temperature for sedentary work, between 20oC and 26oC:

We believe that excellent air conditioning, like air itself, should be easily accessible, every day. In other words, the only cooking and freezing you should be doing at work is in the kitchen! Let’s keep it that way with Allen Air and Refrigeration, your absolute guarantee for enjoying air conditioned comfort all year round.

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